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200hr Training Overview

200hr Training Overview

Many students of yoga, whether they are wishing to step into the wonderful and rewarding world of teaching, or simply deepen and evolve their own practice, have experienced the profundity of yoga teacher training immersion courses. So, are you ready to take your practice to the next level? Do you want to gift yourself a transformational course that keeps on giving? Interested in becoming a successful Yoga teacher? Then read on….. 

Every morning we will start the day with 3 hours of practice made up of Asana, Pranayama and Meditation, followed by a delicious and nutritious group breakfast. Our mornings will evolve into lectures on a variety of fascinating topics ranging from Philosophy to Anatomy to Sequencing and Structuring. In the afternoons, after a wholesome vegetarian lunch, we will go deeper into the methodology of the techniques and practice. These valuable sessions allow deeper understanding of how to teach and implement the jewels of Yoga in our own practice and those of our future students. 

The course is expertly designed, scheduled and professionally taught….your success is our priority. This is a fantastic opportunity to spend a month with experienced teacher-trainers in truly divine and soul-nourishing locations. Each course will always be led by one of our co-founders (James or Rory) along with a carefully selected team, including assistants and a professional anatomy teacher, so you can truly get the best of what classical and contemporary yoga has to offer. At the end of the month you will be a certified Yoga Alliance 200-hour teacher, but more importantly you will have the necessary confidence, knowledge and teaching skills to blossom into a world class Yoga Teacher.

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posture clinic | modified chaturanga

basic teaching skills | where to stand


200HR Online Teacher Training | $999


Oct 10th - Nov 5th, Mala Dhara, Chiang Mai, THAILAND


Nov 21st - Dec 17th, Mala Dhara, Chiang Mai, THAILAND


January 4th - 30th, Mala Dhara, Chiang Mai, THAILAND


February 1st - 27th Mala, Dhara, Chiang Mai, Thailand


March 23rd - April 25th, Rainforest House, Rishikesh, INDIA


May 16th - June 11th, Munay Sonqo, Sacred Valley, PERU


September 4th - 30th, Mala Dhara, Chiang Mai, THAILAND


October 9th - November 4th, Mala Dhara, Chiang Mai, THAILAND


November (Dates TBC), Mala Dhara, Chiang Mai, THAILAND


History and Branches of Yoga– An exploration of the classical traditions and their core philosophies, including Hatha, Tantra and Vinyasa Yoga. Learn about where the roots of yoga first took hold and how it has branched into where it is now.

Anatomy and Physiology– The anatomy of movement and study of the key body systems. We explore how the body works and apply this important knowledge in safe and effective practice and teaching.

Key Poses of Yoga– Daily study and practice of postures and their alignment, adjustments, energetic and health benefits, modifications and effective teaching cues.

Understanding the Subtle Body – Prana and the Chakra system. Ancient yogis described and revered the anatomy and potency of the energy body, what lay beyond the physical form. There are many layers to understanding and experiencing Prana; this prime life force and how it moves through the Chakras or energetic centres. These teachings are at the very core of what makes yoga such a potent and timeless practice.

The Science of Breath– The breath is our connection to life and the foundation of all classical Hatha Yoga practice. The breath has a profound influence on our nervous system and a deep effect on life quality, both on and off the Yoga mat. Many practices will be offered from basic breath awareness to advanced pranayama.

Sequencing & Structuring – You will learn how to use the toolkit offered in the yoga system to create meaningful sequences, a good class is not just anatomically sound but also meaningful on more subtle levels. We will explore a variety of class structures and sequences to give you a solid foundation with which to work with students of differing abilities and needs.

Meditation and the Mind– Understanding our own mind and its make up is an important part of being a guide in any practice. The power of meditation is significant. We will study and practice proven core techniques that are aimed at the development of our own personal meditation practice and being able to hold space when teaching.

Introduction to Ayurveda– A fascinating and practical science of life from ancient India that offers tools to better understand our self and others therapeutically through the context of the doshas, gunas and prana.

Effective Teaching skills – The necessary skills to confidently lead a yoga class is obviously an important part of taking a teacher training course. There will be plenty of practice teaching: one on one, in small groups, and in front of the whole class coupled with the art and science of teaching and presenting.

Chanting and Kirtan– Two evenings a week we get together and share the magic of Mantra Chanting. Exploring the transformative quality of these sacred sounds, and also just having a good old, heart-opening singalong!

Business and Marketing in Yoga– Yoga has become a bustling market for teachers and students alike, there are a number of ways to you can stand out from the crowd and jump start your teaching career. We’ll show you how. The Yoga Alliance RYT-200 Certificate will be awarded on completion of all course requirements. This certification is recognized world-wide and is all you need to start teaching immediately. A detailed 150+ page Training Manual is included.–


  • 6.30 AM – 9.30 AM – Morning practice & Meditation
  • 9.30 AM – 10.15 AM – Healthy breakfast
  • 10.15 AM – 11.45 AM – Lecture covering syllabus content
  • 11.45 AM – 1.15 PM – Asana/posture clinic
  • 1.15 PM – 3.30 PM – Lunch
  • 3.30 PM – 4.45 PM – Lecture covering syllabus content
  • 4.45 PM – 6.00PM – Teaching Skills & teaching practice
  • 6.00PM – 6.45PM – Chanting or special activity (3 nights per week)
  • 6.45PM – FREE – Dinner & free time

(We will have one free day per week)

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