Laura O’Neill

Laura O’Neill

September 19, 2018

Laura O’Neill

Written by : pathofyoga

I completed my 200-hr TTC in Rishikesh this year with Path of Yoga. It’s hard to describe with words exactly how wonderful this teacher training was because when you start moving into the waters that we were swimming in, you’ve moved beyond words, into pure energy. And what an energy we got to experience that month – as students, as teachers, as friends swapping stories and advice, as family eating meals together, as a group enjoying the collective power we were raising, and as individuals, working on our own growth and sincerely looking inwards.

The overall journey and incredible vibe were a “group effort”, but so much credit must go to our teachers James, Amy and Amritha – each brought their individual expertise, approaches and personalities into the mix to create a month of learning that was constantly engaging, challenging, fun and supportive. There’s no doubt that any yoga TTC is going to be a rollercoaster ride of emotion, a ‘deep cleansing’ of the inner body, a challenge on all levels of your being, but with Path of Yoga, you’ll feel like you’re moving through whatever you need to move through with the nurturing support of a family.

As we were told on the first day, one of the main goals of POY is to “plant seeds”, which I think is the absolute best thing that a mere month-long course could hope to achieve. We were assured that with the waters of our dedication and curiosity, the seeds that are meant to will begin to flower, and I’ve been amazed to watch this exact thing happen since the course ended. The paths and adventures I’ve found myself on are a direct result of this ‘flowering’; I’m just enjoying watching it all unfold.

Worth noting: I taught my first yoga class the day after I left the course. And because of the constant teaching practice from day one, I felt fully capable of doing so, something that many others I spoke to in Rishikesh who’d completely other TTCs didn’t feel comfortable with immediately. Many of us were already teaching after a week – that’s pretty successful by anyone’s standards. But what was even more remarkable was the spiritual and emotional growth of everyone on the course, something perhaps that can’t be so easily measured but that I can vouch for and could just as tangibly be felt.

I feel genuinely privileged to have met every single person who was on this course. I think it’s no coincidence that this school attracts the wonderful people that it does. If you’ve been drawn into its orbit, my advice would be to think or look no further – just do it. You will have no regrets, and it’ll probably change your life, too.
Much love to the Path of Yoga fam, and to all you future family members – I’m so excited for you!