Terms Of Service

Terms Of Service

Path of Yoga Agreement

– I agree to approach this course with an open mind and an open heart.

– I understand that this transformational month requires commitment and dedication. I agree that whilst I’m on the course, it will be my priority.

– I commit to treating others and myself with an attitude of respect, compassion and loving kindness.

– I have seen the proposed daily schedule and I agree to attend every session. I understand that full attendance is required to be awarded a Yoga Alliance certificate. (In the case of sickness, a maximum of 2 days can be missed)

– I agree to be on time for each session. This means arriving some minutes before the start time in order to be ready.

– I understand that a Yoga Alliance certificate will only be awarded once I have completed all course requirements. This includes attendance, punctuality, attitude and successful completion of final practicums.

– For these 27 nights, I agree to abstain from alcohol, smoking, drugs or meat.

(Please feel free to explore abstaining from other possible dependencies too i.e. sugar, caffeine etc – this is your opportunity to explore what lies behind your unconscious behavioural patterns!)

– I understand that I am entering a safe-space, and commit to respecting the privacy of others and not sharing about their process once I leave.

– I commit to to not using my phone or other electronic devices during class times (for social media communications etc) or any designated silent periods.

– I understand that this course includes all tuition, manuals, teaching materials, props, certificate, accommodation and 3 meals per day (no lunch on final day, as we will check out on the Friday at 1pm) This course does not include transportation or yoga mats.

– I agree to paying €500 non-refundable deposit to reserve my place. And that the balance is due 30 days before the start of my training (all payment and transfer details will be sent on receiving your application form or after Skype/WhatsApp call).

– I understand that the course starts at 4pm on the first day and I will arrive a few hours early to settle in. I understand that the course will end by 1pm on the last day (although I may still be hugging people for several hours!).

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