Lorraine Taylor

Lorraine Taylor


From a very young age, Lorraine was fascinated by the beauty of movement and music. Her childhood was spent exploring the body through  gymnastics, ice skating and different styles of dance. In her early  twenties, a strong calling to the path of Yoga became the catalyst for  many deeper realisations in her life and she left everything behind to  follow this call. She has now been a dedicated Yogini and lover of Truth  for almost thirty years. She specialises in offering an insightful  feminine way of practising Yoga, bringing forth her love of Tantra and  Kashmir Shaivism.  She has also dedicated many years to the study of  Jnana (Non Duality), Bhakti (Devotion) as well as Traditional Hatha Yoga  which has led her to discover the depths of the Yogic practice,  understanding the beauty of the fluid form while investigating the more  subtle layers that exist within us. Ultimately pointing to what lies  beyond which is the true meaning of Yoga. Oneness.


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