Katrien Neyrinck

Katrien Neyrinck

Katrien’s journey with yoga began during her biomedical science studies in 2015. During her PhD and beyond, yoga helped her find the rest and ease she needed, both physically and mentally. After her first yoga class, Katrien quickly discovered her love for teaching and began sharing her passion for yoga in 2016. Her passion has continued to grow, and she has never stopped learning.

In 2016, Katrien completed her first teacher training in Belgium, followed by a 50-hour yin yoga teacher training in 2019. Three years later, Katrien traveled to Thailand to complete the 200-hour training of Path of Yoga, and the year after, in 2023, she finished the follow-up 300-hour training in Rishikesh, India. This makes her an all-round yoga teacher with the goal of making yoga accessible for everyone. Yoga is for everyone, and for everyone, yoga can mean something different, which is the beauty of it! During her classes, she guides every-body through an experience of connecting breath and movement, finding stillness and quietness in both body and mind, and encouraging an embodied practice. Due to her biomedical background, she is fascinated by the human body and loves diving into the science of yoga.

When Katrien is not teaching, you will likely find her upside down! Handstands have been a consistent practice for her since 2019. She loves the fun, challenge, and even meditative aspects of balancing on her hands. She travels the world to learn from the best teachers and shares her love and knowledge of handstands during her fun and accessible handstand workshops.

You can get to know Katrien better on her website and follow all her adventures on her Instagram page.

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