James French

James French

James was born in London and first discovered yoga in 2003. However, he truly caught the yoga-bug a few years later, during sunrise practices overlooking the rooftops of Udaipur with an old yogi named Prakash.

Following a martial-arts incurred neck injury, he was told that surgery was the only option. However he resisted and experienced an amazing recovery through his Yoga practice. He soon returned to India to train and embark on his path as a Yoga Teacher.

James has taught on over 15 YTTs  and has received over 1000 hours of training, including two separate 300-hour qualifications Рone with his main Asana teacher, Jason Crandell.  His other major influences are Max Strom, Yogrishi Vishvketu, David Swenson, Christopher Wallis and his guru, Sri Prem Baba.

Classes involve a challenging, creative flow with focus on strength, stability and alignment to attain states of union between mind, body and spirit. James has a particular interest in Psycho-spiritual work, and the way that emotions are stored in the body and how we can release them to promote deeper well being and healing. He also incorporates the more subtle, energetic aspects of Hatha Yoga as a route to healing and inner peace.

He has taught all over the world, but loves to return to his hometown of London every summer where he teaches at some of his favourite studios including Triyoga.

You can follow James’ inspiring yoga and travel journey on his Instagram profile and read more about him on his website.

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