India Terry

India Terry

India embarked on her Yoga journey at the age of 13, while simultaneously grappling with an eating disorder, poor mental health, and a sense of not fitting in. It was during this challenging time that she discovered solace and support through attending classes and retreats with her teacher, Lana Lanaia. Through these experiences, India not only developed a loving relationship with her body, appreciating its strength and capabilities, but also opened herself up to the world of healing arts, recognizing that there was something more profound to her existence within this physical form.

This profound spiritual awakening during her teenage years left an indelible mark on India’s life. She found herself engaging in tarot reading sessions in the art room and even playing singing bowls on the bus. This exploration of the unseen realms allowed her to finally perceive herself with clarity, and a strong desire to share this transformative experience with others began to take root. Around the age of 15, India initiated what she referred to as “gatherings” in the nearby woods. These gatherings brought together 10-20 friends from school and beyond, uniting on auspicious dates such as Imbolc, Summer Solstice, and Full Moon to meditate, practice yoga, breathe, and then revel in dance, feasting, and camping. Reluctantly bidding farewell to her school years, India ventured to Guatemala at the age of 18 to undertake a 200-hour training program, initially without the intention of becoming a teacher. However, her journey since then has been one of deep exploration, study, and extensive teaching, primarily focusing on Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga, infused with influences from Yin, Restorative, and various other healing modalities. In 2023, India further enriched her knowledge through an immersive 300-hour training with Path of Yoga in India.

India’s introduction to Yoga was a gentle, contemplative, and profoundly spiritual experience, and she intends to offer the same to those she guides. Her aim is to help you cultivate a joyful and sustainable practice that resonates with you in the long term.

In addition to her role as a Yoga instructor, India is also an active musician, captivating audiences with her performances under the name India Blue (sometimes even incorporating the soothing sounds of the harp into her classes). She finds solace in nature and resides by the sea in East Sussex, where she feels a deep connection to the natural world. Furthermore, India occasionally embraces her enchanting side as a Faerie, adding a touch of whimsy and magic to her life and teachings.

Feel free to check out her Instagram for a glimpse into her experiences and interests.

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