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Anatomy teacher

Emily was born in Ottawa, Canada

Before her intro to yoga Emily had already completed a Pilates teacher training through the YMCA and an Anatomy course at Algonquin College in Ottawa 2002. These courses gave her a great wealth of knowledge on body mechanics, beautifully complimenting her yoga training at Kaivalyadhamma in India 2008 which focused heavily on traditional yogic philosophy and history.

Emily later studied with Mark Laham in his Yin yoga teacher training program in 2009 where she studied both the mental and physical aspects of a yin practice.

Seeing how many students came into a yoga for healing aches and pains Emily became curious about healing the musculoskeletal system through yoga and movement. This lead her to start training as a Postural Therapist through Egoscue University in 2011.

Aside from healing the musculoskeletal system through yoga Emily is passionate about play! In 2009 she completed the level 1 and 2 Acro Yoga teacher training program in Montreal, Canada with Jessie Goldberg and Eugene Poku. Emily loves the challenges and fears that the acrobatics practice brings up then breaks through. In 2012 She completed the ‘YogaSlackers’ teacher training and has added slackline yoga to her offerings.

Emily continues to constantly explore different inspirations of asana and various paths of yoga. Her passion for movement and body awareness coupled with her strong background in anatomy manifests in her teachings as clear, precise, thoughtful instruction.

Emily loves sharing her knowledge with her students and feels especially rewarded when someone realizes that they can do something that they previously thought unattainable, breaking down those limitations we create in our mind. She feels a consistent gratitude for all the wonderful teachers she has met along her path and the abundance of blessings that life continues to bestow upon her.

Emily runs her own Yin Yoga teacher training programs as well as Acrobatics Intensives and teacher trainings. She continues to play, laugh, study, travel and teach in India and wherever else she may find herself.

You can also find more about Emily at www.partneracrobatics.com

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