Claudio Astuto

Claudio Astuto

Senior Teacher

As a former Basketball player, Yoga initially became a way to support athletic training . A natural curiosity towards the healing power of Yoga led to a journey to India, where Claudio lived in Hindu Ashrams during a three year period.

This time in India, the connection to yogic tradition, and the study of texts and philosophy under the guidance of his Guru in a Bramhin community, enables Claudio to bring a deeper  understanding of the practice being ultimately, a spiritual one steeped in faith and devotion.

His intention is to create a space for students to explore and find their own relationship to the practice. He believes in a non dogmatic approach orientated on each students individual needs and aims.

He strives to make his classes safe, bio mechanically relevant and functional. Claudio brings knowledge of anatomy into his teaching, with a background in biology, and sports massage and Cranio Sacral therapy.

Claudio has teacher training CPD with Richard Freeman, Gary Carter and Yoga for athletes with Jim Harrington.

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