Casey Kelly

Casey Kelly

Casey’s journey with yoga began over 10 years ago attending classes at a local gym. The seed had been planted, and her asana practice became a grounded part of her life and daily routine as she lived and travelled throughout Southeast Asia. She eventually landed in Bali where she completed her first 200hr TTC.

What initially began as a way to exercise and move her body, became a deeply embodied love affair with the more intimate aspects of the practice. Increasing internal awareness, moving and breathing with intention, calming the mind, expression through movement.

Casey focuses on embodied awareness. Aiming to deepen the connection between breath and movement. Dropping you deeper into yourself. Connecting you back to yourself through mindful movement. Giving students an opportunity to curiously explore their bodies and their breath.

Casey is passionate about encouraging students to inquire about what feels good in their body, exploring sensations, and moving with intention and awareness.

You can keep up with Casey’s yoga and travel journey on her Instagram.

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