Candy Alderson

Candy Alderson

Senior Teacher

Candy began her yoga journey with a curiosity for meditation, seeking alternative medicine as way to heal her anxiety and burnout. That led her to yoga asana, and reconnecting with her body as a way of self medicating. As it tends to, yoga became her way of life, carrying those lessons and insights off the matt.

Her inspiration as a teacher, is to get people connected to their breath, to trust their bodies, and trust the unique journey that will unfold within each individual through this process of movement, breath & mental focus.

Candy has a dedicated daily Ashtanga Practice under the guidence of her teacher Hamish Hendry, whom she also assists at his Dharma shala in central london. She has completed over 500 hours of teacher training in both vinyasa and ashtanga yoga, She is also a Alchemy crystal singing bowls practitioner studied under Yantara Jiro.


Candy is also a certified & practicing Cranial Sacral Therapist.  With its strong focus on the human nervous system, fascia and emotional holding in the bones and tissues of our bodies, elements of this therapy deeply influence her approach to yoga, and the students she teaches. She believes that yoga is for every body, you just have to find your flavour and integrity within the practice, its a tool for finding internal peace in a world of chaos, and that is something everyone is entitled to experience.


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