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Online Teacher Training

Become a Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher from the comfort and convenience of your home

(with personalised support and 1:1 feedback)

Follow Your Dreams.     Change Lives.     Deepen Your Practice.

I am absolutely loving this training! Learning online has the added benefit that we can go over and over favourite lectures or difficult topics.

I am so impressed with the level of detail and the many layers of this course, covering yoga practise from every angle, from the basic asanas to sanskrit classes, chakra workshops and multiple forms of meditation and pranayama.”


– Lucie O.

If you could step onto the path to becoming a certified yoga teacher today

(deepening your own practice and transforming lives along the way)…

…would you take that step?

Or, would you hear whispers of these self-limiting beliefs...

I’m not “good enough” to become a Yoga teacher.

Everyone will be more advanced than me.

I’m not ready yet… maybe next year.

Can I really learn to do this online?

The Path of Yoga Online Training

is a transformational 200-hour program for all levels of yogis, designed to give you the knowledge, skills and confidence you need to share the joy of yoga with others as a Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher.


Meet Your Teachers

Path Of Yoga was founded by James French and Rory Trollen… experienced yogis, teacher-trainers and good friends. Betweens us we have taught dozens of trainings all over the world, and our teaching team come from a variety of backgrounds, yogic styles and lineages.

We have brought together a team of world-class teachers to create this exceptional online course and transformational experience. The quality of the teaching faculty is really what separates this training from any other in the online space.

Where East Meets West

We share a love for a strong yet nourishing dynamic Vinyasa practice married with traditional Hatha. The practically applied philosophy and sacred traditions of the East, combined with a science-based, modern approach from the west, make the essence and heart of this immersion course.

They made everyone feel seen and got to know every one of us.

We couldn’t have asked for better teachers. They meet our needs at all times. From having questions before signing up till today, they are still delivering.


The curriculum is as well perfectly planned and the knowledge they are able to share in the training would take others years. All the asana classes WERE amazing and inspiring as well. I am so glad I chose Path of Yoga School.”


– Joakim B.

3 Reasons Why You Should Enroll ONLINE Today

Deepen Your Own Practice.

One of the biggest transformations our students share with us is the deepening of their own practice through the online YTT. Through learning how to teach, you also bring to light your own conditioning and limiting beliefs and experience breakthroughs in your personal yoga practice.

Move through the course at your own pace… from the comfort of your own home.

Our online students love the ability to pause, rewind and replay any parts of the content that they may need to spend extra time working on. And class happens on YOUR time. Whether you’re the early bird or the after dinner wind-down, you can complete the training in as little as four weeks or spread it out over several months.


PS: You’re never on your own. Connect with our team of teachers and fellow students on our regularly scheduled live calls or inside our private Facebook group.

Share your love of yoga with others and help transform their lives.

This one is a given. By becoming a Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher, you will step into your power and lead others through the same life-changing journey that brought you here.

You don’t have to be the “best” yogi to be a teacher.

You just have to want to follow your heart and make a difference.

Included in the Path of Yoga Online Teacher Training

Engaging Video Series

Our world-class teachers will guide you into the world of Yoga with fascinating lectures covering topics including


  • History and branches of Yoga
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Key poses of Yoga
  • The science of breath
  • Prana and the Chakra system
  • Sequencing and structuring
  • Meditation and the mind
  • Assisting and adjusting
  • Conscious communication
  • Self Inquiry
  • …and an introduction to Ayurveda

Supportive Online Learning

Online learning doesn’t mean learning alone. Connect with our teachers and your fellow students inside our regularly scheduled live calls. Or use our private Facebook group to connect with our teachers and community of students at any time.

Progress & Assessment

Personalized feedback allows you to grow into your best self. Through video assessments and quizzes, our world-class teachers will provide you with 1:1 feedback so you can continue to deepen your practice and develop your teaching skills.

Yoga Alliance Certification (RYS 200)

When you complete the course, you’ll receive your Yoga Alliance Certification. What does that mean? You’ll be able to teach around the world (as many of our graduates already are).

BONUS CLASS with Celest Pereira on Business, Marketing and Social Media In Yoga

Once you have your certification, how can you turn your passion into a business? Our teachers share how to position yourself so you can stand out from the crowd and jump start your teaching career.

This teacher training opened up my eyes and heart to a different world in one month.

Inside the Path of Yoga, I found the confidence to teach in front of a class of students of different levels. And the teachers actually embody the philosophy and want to look out for you.”


– Mckenzie P.

Ready to step onto the Path of Yoga Online Teacher Training?

Get the transformative support and teaching skills you deserve…

*BIPOC scholarships available - See below*

Who This Program Is For

You love yoga and the practice… and are ready to deepen your skills and understanding.

You want to live a more healthy, balanced life… and want to help others do the same.

You love learning about the different styles and benefits of yoga practices.

You have a busy schedule and need a teacher training program that can be done on your own time.

You long for personalised feedback and a community of supporters.

You’re looking to create a new income stream doing something you already love (and changing lives along the way).

There are no prerequisites for this course and you need not be a yoga expert before registering. What we do ask is that you have been practicing for at least a few months so that you are familiar with some basic postures. You are also right at home if you are more advanced at yoga or have already taken a training. Much of what you find here fills in the gaps as it is comprehensive and designed to provide you with what you need to know to become an extraordinary teacher.

It is also essential that you have a webcam, camcorder or video capability on your smartphone as well as a decent internet connection to access the course materials. We have students from all over the world but please note that all instruction is given in English.

This is up to you! The course can be completed in as little as 4 weeks or you can spread it out over a year. Within that time, you can review the lectures, materials, interact with mentors, connect with other students and continue your knowledge as you progress through the course.

Because our program is online and completely self-paced, admission is rolling. You can start any time, and you can log in and learn whenever is most convenient for you. We want our program to fit into your schedule.

The course is running by 31st December, 2023. You will need to complete the training by this date to qualify as a yoga teacher.

Your payment options are:

4 monthly payments of $220 or 1 payment of $799

Click HERE to get started.

*We have a BIPOC Scholarship program available. If you are struggling to afford our fees for any other reason, please get in touch at


*All pricing is listed in USD and payments will automatically be converted to USD if you are paying with another currency.

Yes! We have many students around the world and grads teaching abroad. Upon successful completion of The Path of Yoga Teacher Training Online Course you will receive a Yoga Alliance Certificate.


In light of the current pandemic, Yoga Alliance now allows online learning as part of their registration process. This means that you can register with Yoga Alliance upon graduating and teach anywhere in the world.

It’s great that you’re thinking carefully about the program that you choose. We want our program to be a good fit for you. Drop us an email: and we can arrange a time to chat with the lead teacher to discuss the details and help you make a decision.

We take safety very seriously. Our anatomy teacher, Andrew McGonigle, is a trained Doctor and world-renowned yoga anatomy teacher – he’s known as Dr. Yogi! Through detailed video and handouts and 1:1 assessment, we ensure that each and every student can safely teach.

Both! Classes in this program are done both on your own and interactively. You review the video content in your own time and then you can jump on one of the regular Live Calls to discuss the topics and ask questions.

You will also receive personalised feedback for each one of your assessments and assignments… and someone from the teaching team will make themselves available if ever you need to talk things through.

You can also interact with the teachers and other students currently in the program throughout your coursework through the private Facebook group, our regularly scheduled support calls and email.

You will need: 1 block, 1 strap, 2 blankets, 1 neti pot, 1 tongue scraper, good quality Himalayan salt, a pen and notebook to take notes and an open heart.

This is your sign from the divine…
NOW is the right time to get 200-hour certified.


The Path of Yoga is a truly transformative experience

The quality of our teaching team is unparalleled anywhere else in the online space.

Your path to becoming a certified yoga teacher is so much more than learning breathwork and poses. 

When you join the Path of Yoga, you not only receive the technical training you need for certification

But you open the doorway to a whole new life of…

Learning to love yourself and the world around you

Realising our connection to nature and the interconnectivity of all things

Leading students through a practice that quiets the mind and opens the heart

We believe in our world-class teachers, our immersive, engaging online platform and the power we have to follow our dreams and change the lives of those around us.

Are you ready to begin the Path of Yoga Online Teacher Training?

Get the support and teaching skills you deserve…

A truly transformational experience. For me it was so much more than just learning how to teach asana. I learned so much about myself which I believe will help me move forward in so many areas of my life.

Thank you to James for creating such a beautiful 200hr TTC and to Susan, Candy and Izzy who brought some extra sparkle to the course. I have gained new knowledge, experience and friends for life!”

– Nadia G.

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