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Having taught in many locations around the world, we are very proud to offer you the choice of two of our favourite countries for practicing and teaching Yoga Teacher Training courses; Thailand and India. Both countries offer  beautiful and unique settings in which to dive deep into the world of Yoga and self discovery. If you’re looking to become a certified Yoga teacher in the heart of magical India, then you have the wonderful choice of two of India’s best locations; the banks of the Holy River Ganges, or the secluded and stunning beaches of South Goa. If it’s the Kingdom of Thailand you prefer, you won’t be disappointed by the either of our Chiang Mai venues, both set in nourishing nature and both with their own unique gifts for you to enjoy.

So, we have four stunning venues for you to choose from! Rainforest House in Rishikesh, Little Cove Resort in Goa or Kaomai Lanna & Maladhara resorts in Chiang Mai, Thailand…the decision is yours…and rest assured, whichever you pick, we know you’ll be happy!

All of our resorts have been carefully chosen to offer a homely and peaceful environment tucked away in stunning natural settings; as we understand the importance of comfort and beauty in every moment of your stay.

And of course the food! You won’t be disappointed, our resorts offer and include three wholesome vegetarian meals per day (dietary requirements can be easily accommodated), not only will we be energised by our daily practice but the delicious buffets will leave you feeling nourished, detoxified and shining….as all happy Yogis should be!




A yoga teacher training in Thailand is a wonderful way to begin your teaching career or simply just to deepen and evolve your own practice. A country where food is fresh, smiles are natural and the skyline is peppered with Buddhist temples.

We have chosen to host our courses in Chiang Mai, as it’s blissfully calm and laid back pace complements the course if students wish to visit the city on their days off, and the venues we have chosen are second to none, offering peace and tranquility and the perfect backdrop to perhaps the best yoga teacher training in Chiang Mai! There’s also the opportunity to participate in a vast array of activities the city has to offer, or just stroll around the backstreets and discover a magical city…and then come back to your yoga class refreshed and ready for more!

Maladhara Resort:


We have the wonderful choice of either outdoor or indoor Yoga Shala, both are bright, open and circular and provide the perfect environment for deepening your practice. The rooms are peaceful, spacious and air-conditioned (fan only in dorm room). Our accommodations are originally and stunningly decorated with lovely and unique attention to detail; you can choose between a shared dorm room, shared villa room or private room (limited availablity). All rooms have ample living space, with many areas to find privacy or socialise with the rest of the group in our free time or over meals. The food is incredible; vegetarian and organic when picked from the resorts very own organic farm. In your free time you can relax by the beautiful salt water pool (chemical free), rejuvenate within the picturesque grounds or take a day trip in to Chiang Mai. We also have the luxury of an onsite organic steam room and fire…..the perfect place to rejuvenate mind, body and soul!

Kaomai Lanna Resort:


The rooms are peaceful, air-conditioned and beautifully decorated, you can choose between a spacious shared room (2 per room), a single or a deluxe room. It is perhaps one of the most photogenic resorts in Chiang Mai, and when you visit it you’ll see why! Every room is draped in flowers, the greenest of Ivy and the morning birdcall is the perfect soundtrack with which to begin our morning practice, we know you’ll love it! The food is vegetarian and delicious. In your free time you can chill out by the beautiful pool, relax within the picturesque and tropical grounds or take a day trip in to Chiang Mai on the weekends.

Rainforest House, Rishikesh, India


Our home in Rishikesh is in a peaceful area, a few kilometres outside of town. It’s a large, beautiful Villa in nature with plenty of Hammocks and rest-areas to relax in, or meditate, or watch the monkeys and birds…. and it’s right on the Ganges so you can jump straight in… There’s also a stream and small waterfall that run straight through the property where you can bathe too.

The rooms are beautiful and tastefully decorated and each one has a private bathroom with hot shower. And filtered water and wifi is provided too. And the food is truly exceptional here… Mealtimes are a delicious highlight!

Rishikesh is also a great departure point if you are hoping to explore some other parts of India after… Many onward transport options are available, whether you want to visit the Dalai Lama in Dharamshala, or the burning grounds of Varanassi or the source of the Ganges at Gangotri. The options are endless.

Taking a yoga teacher training in Rishikesh is very special indeed. Even the surrounding mountains vibrate with the magic of thousands of years of Yoga and Spiritual practice. We absolutely love it here and we know that you will too….treat yourself to the best!

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